The stylish Premium Birdhouses – designed and realized by the local star architect Alexis Dornier.

It offers various bedrooms, a living room including kitchen, air conditioning and a high-quality fan system, which always provides a cozy atmosphere. Only high quality materials were used. The interior offers the country flair of relaxation and harmony – Welcome to the “Heaven on Earth!”

Alexis Dornier was born in Germany in 1981 and grew up there under the constant influence of the aviation industry.

A group of friends joined forces to build their dream of a floating village surrounded by a tropical forest in the heart of Bali.

The project is composed of three stilted structures encompassing a shared pool and sundeck space designed through fluid shapes such as walkways, water features, and flower beds.

The largest building is nestled into a sloped site overlooking a small creek running past the property, while the studio and the guest house flank the entrance of the site.

Together the structures create an ensemble that integrates into the existing foliage of large trees which were maintained to provide external shading and privacy. The trees also become the canopy for outdoor resting places as part of a landscape design resembling a miniature park.

These so-called birdhouses blend into nature, and their pivoting floor plans create expressive inhabitable sculptures that form exciting relationships to the outside while being very present as memorable interpretations of the idea of a house.

The experience of exploring those structures is a journey through the three-dimensional, maze-like arrangement of their different spaces, radiating out from their central vertical circulation elements into their surroundings.

Carefully crafted openings create heterogeneous elevations to the buildings.

All rooms have varying heights and their dimensions span from compact to expansive. Windows have different formats to expose views onto the ground and into the sky.

The materiality of these inhabitable sculptures forms a collage of solid volumes holding circulation elements and bathrooms, while the main spaces are textured in with their surfaces clad in wood from both the inside and the outside.

Soft and indirect and integrated lighting conceives a cozy, inhabitable space, detached from the ground and glowing like a lantern in the midst of the lush Green.